“Violet” and how you can end up talking too much

I am the kind of person that doesn’t always know what to say about her art, partly because I don’t like to show it off, partly because I let it speak for itself and partly cause I don’t always find the words. I love writing, I love rambling, I love rambling in writing (or over a good cup of tea) but sometimes my mind just goes blank. Completely.

One thing I can say about this piece is that, to my shame, it was forgotten somewhere among the other paintings I’ve done in the last two years or so and I re-discovered it while browsing randomly through my portfolio. I remember mermaids being my favorite things as a child and more often than not I would wait to see them on the shoreline whenever I went to the beach.

When I came across this painting, I saw it with different eyes in a moment when I was doubting myself and through it (and with the help of my very supportive boyfriend), I realized I had almost given up on something beautiful: my love and passion for art and for creating it, for always trying to improve it.

Yes, it’s not the most exquisite painting you’ve ever seen, there are some things I would change about it now but when I saw it for the first time in months, my first reaction was “Did I really do this?”. To me it is a reminder of how things were back then (difficult times for me), how I managed to overcome them and get to where I am today. Funny how sometimes we get so caught up with out daily lives that we lose sight of things and life makes sure to remind us in the most (in this case) pleasant and unexpected ways.

(and this is how you turn an “I don’t know what to say about this” post into a mini blog entry)




• Rotring waterproof liners
• Copic markers
• Winsor&Newton painting inks
• White calligraphy ink for highlights
• Watercolor pencils
• Fabriano Accademia 250 gsm watercolor paper

*I used a sponge and a pencil eraser for the background effects.


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