What’s in my bag

Hello, lovely people!

For today I’ve decided to make something quick and fun. Sure, I enjoy writing mile-long articles about life, death and everything in between just as much as the next person but I’ve had this idea on my mind for quite a while. For one, I love watching other people’s “What’s in my bag” videos. For the other, in spite of not having the necessary equipment to make videos myself (and I don’t really like being on camera), it’s something really fun to do.

Also, I should mention that I am not using this bag at the moment because we’ve had temperatures below 0 since the start of the year and I found a backpack to be more cozy (it keeps my back warm) but I still own and love this bag and can’t wait for the weather to get warmer so I can take it out again. The items are still the ones I carry with me though.

While I was taking the pictures for the article and editing them, it reminded me of the high-school years when I used to take pictures like crazy. I used to set up the scene and go way over my hand to get it just right, improvising from whatever I could find around the house. It got me thinking that maybe I should take up photography again.

Now, without any further ado, let’s get into it.

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Talking about my anxiety – small update a year later

It’s been a bit over a year since I first posted this article on my tumblr page (original post here) and I figured it might be time to give an update on the matter.

Standing here and looking back at those times, I can safely say that I have been down that dark, scary road of anxiety and depression and I have returned better and stronger than before. And the most important thing I have learned is that support matters immensely.

After having written the article, I wasn’t feeling quite alright with myself. It was a big step forward to open up about it and laying it down on paper (or rather in a post) but it doesn’t really help when you have other things to face besides dealing with anxiety. We all have those moments in our life where everything is okay and things might seem to be going well for a bit and then it all falls apart right before our eyes, making some of our darkest fears come true in the process. It’s not easy for anyone, regardless of their physical or mental health condition. But if it catches you off guard, as it usually happens, it tends to make things worse.

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4 things I learned about Graphic Design

Small disclaimer: the following article is based on my personal experience. Some things may or may not apply to some people. I am not a graphic design expert (yet), some or all of the things stated below may be wrong in some people’s opinion but the purpose is solely for knowledge, advice and experience sharing. 

When I got my job as graphic designer, I knew almost nothing of the real life experience of what it means to have a job. I had just finished university studies and, to my shame, I admit I hadn’t had any other job until then. Now, six months of training and almost two years of work later, I know a whole lot more about graphic design and life in general so I decided to put it all in words and possibly help someone who wants to follow the same path.

They say that some of the best things are those we don’t plan for, those that just happen. That’s what this job was for me, something that just happened. I didn’t think I would be qualified for it and even my boss confessed to me once that he did not plan on hiring me. When he saw that I kept showing up to training and was genuinely interested in graphic design, he gave me a chance.

So if there is a major piece of advice I can give to anyone, not just someone who wants to work in the industry, is that hard work, perseverance and showing interest can get you a log way. I hope that the following paragraphs will be of use to those of you who want to follow the path of graphic design and maybe help you decide whether this really is your calling or not.

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