What’s in my bag

Hello, lovely people!

For today I’ve decided to make something quick and fun. Sure, I enjoy writing mile-long articles about life, death and everything in between just as much as the next person but I’ve had this idea on my mind for quite a while. For one, I love watching other people’s “What’s in my bag” videos. For the other, in spite of not having the necessary equipment to make videos myself (and I don’t really like being on camera), it’s something really fun to do.

Also, I should mention that I am not using this bag at the moment because we’ve had temperatures below 0 since the start of the year and I found a backpack to be more cozy (it keeps my back warm) but I still own and love this bag and can’t wait for the weather to get warmer so I can take it out again. The items are still the ones I carry with me though.

While I was taking the pictures for the article and editing them, it reminded me of the high-school years when I used to take pictures like crazy. I used to set up the scene and go way over my hand to get it just right, improvising from whatever I could find around the house. It got me thinking that maybe I should take up photography again.

Now, without any further ado, let’s get into it.

The bag


The bag itself is not much. Nothing too fancy, no designer-label or anything (*cough* Though I wouldn’t mind an MK one *cough*). I’m kind of a picky person when it comes to accessories and finding this one was quite a challenge. I wanted something that is not too big that I would lose myself in it but not too small that I couldn’t fit a sketchbook. Cause fitting a sketchbook in it was crucial. It’s a simple, one strap brown bag with one zipper pocket on the outside (on the back) and one on the inside, plus a phone and a something-else pocket that are totally useless ^-^”.



And this is what it would look like if you turn it over. Well, except it won’t be as neat. This is pretty much everything I carry in it on a daily basis, except I only take one notebook with me (either the white or the pink one). I would probably add in another tissue pack and some gum. It might look like a lot for such a small bag but trust me, I can be very efficient *smirk*. And no, I don’t keep fairy lights in my bag although I wish there was some magic that could turn the inside of my bag into an eerie, fairy-light garnished wonderland.

Make-up bag


I keep my make-up bag pretty simple for a day to day use. I always have my trusty EOS lip balm with me (the one in the picture is strawberry flavored, yum!) and a hand-cream for my super-dry hands. I’ve added to those the Sephora lip balm I got for Christmas from my cousin (thank you, cuz! ^-^) which is pretty amazing although a but sticky, a NYX lipstick and the Sephora mini perfumes. Now, you might wonder why on Earth do  I keep all three of them in my bag. Simple: I can be a total airhead and misplace my things quite a lot and I’m afraid to lose them. I like all of them and even if I don’t reach out to them every day, it’s good to always keep some perfume with you at all time.



Like I mentioned before, I don’t keep both notebooks with me in the same time, tehre’s just not enough room. I actually have a third notebook I used to take with me all the time and it’s half-filled with lists of lists of things (teh-heh…). These two are the ones I have been reaching out for most in the last couple of months. The pink one is mainly for sketching and writing down story ideas (I even drew a map in there at one point).

The white one is more like a daily planner. I’ve got it from a store in Belgium on my last trip and I have been using it ever since. I haven’t sketched anything in it yet but there’s a handful of lists and writing ideas that I keep adding up to.

For writing, I use a Parker fountain pen I got as a gift couple of years ago. I used to write with fountain pens throughout the most part of my middle school years, in spite of my classmates using ball-point pens. I just love using it, it’s simple and classy, the ink flows perfectly through it, I could probably write for hours and hours with it. The only drawback is that it’s a bit heavy.

My purse & keychain


This purse is one my most proud possessions. There’s nothing fancy about it, no designer label or anything. But it has that rose-gold hint to it that I simply fell in love with. I got it from Reserved right before Christmas and even though it’s a bit too big for my bag, I wouldn’t part with it no matter what. For some reason I prefer this kind of layout to the folding ones, probably because it’s a lot more neat and organized and I don’t have to flip through half a dozen folds to reach my credit card.

The key chain is also something very dear to me. My boyfriend gifted it to me on our first date, back in Belgium. The symbols on it are Latvian and they mean (not sure in which order though) Blessing, Wealth, Prosperity, Protection, the Afterlife, with the symbol of the Sun in the middle.

And that’s about it. I hope you enjoyed reading it at least as much as I enjoyed making this article. Here’s a question: what is one item you carry in your bag at all times?

Until next time, set the skies afire!




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