About me



My pen name is Julia Riley. I am a self-taught artist and graphic designer who likes to write and share her thoughts with the world. I am a dreamer, an airhead, a casual gamer and a tea fanatic. I also get carried away and end up talking too much or off-topic. Or both, that’s why I decided to start my own blog.

Currently I work as a graphic designer for a small advertising company where I have been employed for 2 years but I am not stopping there. I like learning new things, especially on my own. Not having the means to go to an art school or a proper college “forced” me to fend for myself and most of what I do comes from skills acquired through long hours of tutorials, practice and trial and error. But I love it. That’s why at the moment I am studying web design and development.

Why did I create this blog? Not because the Internet runs short on blogs all of a sudden or because it became a trend in the recent years. Alongside studying, I also enjoy teaching and helping others out with advice and information. There were many times when I wished someone had told me beforehand about certain things in life (“Your job involves this and this and that’, “Clients can be both a pain and a delight to have around”, “That brand of tea doesn’t live up to its expectation”)  or when I needed more insight on a certain type of ink I wanted to try.

So to spare others of unnecessary stress, hours of search and pondering over whether or not to buy this kind of paper for that type of marker, I have created a place to put together all the information and advice I have gained over the years. I hope you will find the blog insightful, inspiring or helpful in the least.

And remember to always…

Set the skies afire!

Signed, Julia R.


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