I opened an Etsy Store + Other updates

I’m doing that thing again where I get hyped about writing a blog and I’m so on board with it but after a few posts I get a block. Not an idea block, ideas I still have aplenty. But it becomes like something I have to do more than something I like to do. And this post has been long overdue because I had to write it. It probably happens to a lot of people: when they start doing something they love and want to make a career out of it, it suddenly becomes a chore. Or maybe it’s just me?

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Talking about my anxiety – small update a year later

It’s been a bit over a year since I first posted this article on my tumblr page (original post here) and I figured it might be time to give an update on the matter.

Standing here and looking back at those times, I can safely say that I have been down that dark, scary road of anxiety and depression and I have returned better and stronger than before. And the most important thing I have learned is that support matters immensely.

After having written the article, I wasn’t feeling quite alright with myself. It was a big step forward to open up about it and laying it down on paper (or rather in a post) but it doesn’t really help when you have other things to face besides dealing with anxiety. We all have those moments in our life where everything is okay and things might seem to be going well for a bit and then it all falls apart right before our eyes, making some of our darkest fears come true in the process. It’s not easy for anyone, regardless of their physical or mental health condition. But if it catches you off guard and, as it usually happens, it tends to make things worse.

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