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Traditional art

A lot of these artworks were made by combining colored pencils, watercolors, Copic and inks so they are neither drawings, nor paintings but I do enjoy seeing how watercolor pencils pair well with regular pencils and inks. I found watercolor paper to be suitable for most mediums I work with because it can withstand pretty much everything I throw at it.



Digital painting – Characters

Character concepts are probably my favorite thing in the whole world. I still have many ideas I haven’t put on paper (or in digital ink) yet but I hope I will be able to in the near future. I also found digital painting to be quite therapeutic.


The Jaguar & Land Rover visuals

One of my clients is a local car dealership and some of their best selling cars are under the Jaguar & Land Rover brand. While I am not responsible for creating the brands corporate identity manual, I often had to adapt designs to match the specifications inΒ their CI in order to create advertising materials for the dealer.


Roll-ups & large prints

Roll-up designs can be a challenge, especially when a client wants a lot of things written on them big enough for everyone to see. The vertical layout doesn’t allow much flexibility or font choice, having to work mostly with condensed fonts but that depends on what the client wants as well.


Flyers and brochures

If I were to pick one thing I love to design and do that for the rest of my life, it would be brochures. The possibilities are endless here, there is plenty of space to work with or, on the contrary, a limited area where you have to cramp up a lot of details (product image, specifications, color and size choice). Unfortunately I don’t get to do much of what I like and I don’t have enough time as I want to take on such projects by myself.

Business cards

Most of these designs were made during my practice period. I found it to be a simple and fast way to learning a new design software. I tried approaching different styles and palettes that appeal for different types of clients (architects, photographers, hairdressers).